startsiden startsiden ... dette er kameraet mitt. Birch er av denne modellen Korintha er en "Exodus"! Dette har skjedd ...
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Noen ganger er'e allright ...

-Stories, adventures, poems, tales and thoughts - keeping a diary keep them alive!


I am blogging!

Travel diaries, thoughts, and odd writings from my trips are kept in my blogs. I write in Norwegian, as I express myself best in my own language, and most readers are Norwegian, but the web translators are fortunately improving, so you can still make som sense out of it by using that service.

The adventure from the Faroe Islands and Iceland in 2009 is found on the red bar to the right on this page, while my active blog from ongoing adventures is independent, you will find it as:

paulsplanetblog - check it out!

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Bloggen min ...

They might seem as notes of no importance, but put down in situations you find fascinating, being impressions of a person out of the ordinary or a description of you own joy, frustration or sorrow, they turn into documents of your life the way you lived it.

Keeping a diary is hard, but tidbits from time to time, based on details you feel like safeguarding, is gold. If not to others, at least to you!

Write your world!